Wil was extremely good to work with. He really knows the Smith Mountain Lake market, not only the property available, but what is coming on line. My wife and I learned quickly that Wil has a great repour with the other real estate firms. We certainly were not surprised by this at all. Wil is a great listener, where he can quickly grasp what type of property one is looking for; location, price point, etc. He is very well organized and a great communicator, making things very easy for the us, the buyer. On top of all of the above, Wil is patient and has a terrific personality. He has a great "laugh", but can get serious when necessary. Wil's net working and connections is also a huge benefit as well. My wife and I just wrote Wil a note and one thing we said to him, was that "he always goes the extra mile", a trait not many people have today. Wil is flat out solid and I intend to work with him more in the future and would encourage others to give Wil a call."

January 2020,

If we could give 100 stars, we would!! Wil Childress helped us from beginning to end, and with multiple steps in between!! He definitely went above and beyond and we are so so happy he did!! Wil definitely knows the Smith Mountain Lake area inside and out, and was extremely helpful coordinating all of the surveys and inspections that went along with our purchase. He has lots of contacts in the area. He never gave up on us and helped us find and settle on the perfect property!! Can’t say enough good stuff about him!

January 2020,

I have always been hesitant to recommend anyone for fear of misleading others.  However, I am very confident in recommending Wil Childress and the staff at Lake Retreat Properties for your real estate needs.

First, I had several friends that in the past several years have used Mr. Childress as their listing agent.  They were very complimentary of him and strongly recommended him to my wife and me.  One of the persons had retired from another real estate firm, but had Mr. Childress list her properties because of the confidence she had in his abilities and personality.  The other person said he listed his properties with Mr. Childress and left the area, leaving him to handle any issues that arose.  This person was very pleased with Mr. Childress and strongly recommended him to us once he found out we were interested in selling our home.

My personal experience with Mr. Childress was wonderful.  He is very knowledgeable of the area and any resources that were needed in preparing our home for sale.  Many times, he would personally contact a contractor and have them contact us, taking the worry from us as to who to get.  He kept us informed as to what activities were taking place and any comments made by perspective buyers.  Finally, he was always available to answer any questions that we had.  I feel that the sale of our home was due in large part to the commitment and efforts put forth by Mr. Childress.

October 2019,

Thank you for all your assistance, great customer service, and friendly staff every time I have called or emailed.  The staff's promptness in addressing questions and future (rental) confirmations is excellent.

Happy to rent from you all!

July 2019,